Emmet | Uk based artist with an obsession with macabre.

CG tools: Paint tool SAI
Traditional tools: Acrylic paint,watercolours,mixed media
Sculpting materials: La doll premix, milliput, resin

Please use the contact page if you have any questions, alternatively my email is info [at] plasticmoon.co.uk .

Etsy: gaccari
torenvy: gaccari (not in use)


Here are some frequently asked questions I get,if you have something more specific then its still ok to shoot me an email. 🙂

Q: Do you take personal commissions?
A: Currently no,sorry!

Q: Will you re-release Teru or Mr Kitty?
A: There are no plans to release the current versions,there will be more “updated” releases in the future,as well as new sculpts.

Q: Why are some images watermarked with gaccari and foolbot/plasticmoon?
A:  In 2015 I wanted to separate my BJD work with my illustration work,so gaccari was born. I will watermark drawings with both but doll work and photos will always be signed plasticmoon.co.uk. I use foolbot exclusively for BJD related work,such as doll releases and faceups.

Q: Do you still take on faceup or modding commissions?
A: Not currently,sorry!

Q: Will you create concepts and art for my comic/game/brand/project? I can’t pay you but there will be lots of… ✧・゚: *✧exposure✧・゚: *✧
A: No! And if you are serious and industry based,shame on you!

Q: Can you make a print of _____?
A: If the image can be prepared for print I will consider it for my next print order!

Q: Can I repost your art to my tumblr blog? Can I use your art as my icon?
A: I would prefer if you shared from my own blog here: gaccari.tumblr.com! As for other sites,only if you credit me and link back to this website. Its important to link back to the artist! As for icons,if you credit me then its ok. Please do not edit my work though,thanks!